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Buccaneers NFL Draft Target: Wide Receiver, Trevon Grimes (Florida)

A wide receiver from just up the road could continue to help an already potent Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama at Florida Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As we press on, looking for potential candidates in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft, there are a considerable number of players from the “big three” Florida schools that would help the Buccaneers both this year and into the future.

Florida Gators fans are all too familiar with the skills of Trevon Grimes but for those that aren’t, let’s take a look.


The 6’4” Grimes began as an Ohio State Buckeye, playing limited snaps as a true Freshman. Disappointed with a three reception, twenty yard season he transferred to the SEC and the Florida Gators. While there, he instantly saw a rise in playing time and contributed considerably to the Gators’ offense.

As a Sophomore, he finished third in receiving in spite of inconsistent offensive play from the team. With increased production in his following Junior and Senior seasons, Grimes amassed 100 receptions for 1,464 yards (14.6 yards per catch) with fourteen touchdowns - nine of which came in his Senior season last year.

Being a complimentary piece to standout wide receiver Kadarius Toney and projected top five pick Kyle Pitts, Grimes proved reliable when called upon and created plays with his impressive athleticism.


Grimes continued to help his stock at the University of Florida’s Pro Day. His measurables came in with 9 3/8” hands, a 76 5/8” wingspan, a 4.49 40-yard dash, a 35” vertical, 9’10” broad jump, 6.98 3-cone, and a 4.28 short shuttle.

As a high school track star, Grimes continued to put his speed, agility, and athleticism on display for the coaches and scouts in attendance. The big drawback being that he’s limited in his routes and doesn’t gain a lot of yards after the catch.

Now, the routes he does run he runs well, but the limitations are there and noticeable. If a team decides they can continue to develop him they may draft him a bit higher than projected but having played all four years he was eligible, the limitations are certainly a concern.

That said, his vertical jump - as you can see well translated to his ability to catch contested passes - is something teams will like seeing on Sundays.


For the Buccaneers, he brings a deep pass option as well as a red zone threat. Someone that can line up opposite Scotty Miller on those go-routes is intriguing. He’s also a big body with a large catch radius that would create problems for opposing defenses in goal-to-go situations.

The problem is, he doesn’t offer much to the Bucs outside of that. He isn’t the versatile guy that Antonio Brown is so if the Buccaneers don’t bring AB back, Grimes isn’t going to fill those shoes. Grimes also isn’t as good of an all around receiver as Tyler Johnson and we saw how much trouble Johnson had seeing the field as a rookie in 2020.

For the Buccaneers, Grimes brings a limited amount of usability and nothing unique to separate himself from a loaded wide receiving corps. His value would have to come on special teams as a gunner or his ability to learn how to be a returner.


Again, if a team feels they can get him more developed then Grimes’ upside is a number two or three guy - but the situation has to be right and the coaching has to take him to the next level. Outside of that, Grimes is a rotational receiver used in certain packages.

It’s somewhat disappointing that someone of Grimes’ stature and athletic prowess didn’t achieve more at the college ranks and that plateau he appears to be stuck on will give teams reason to pause. It’s not as if he is incapable of exceeding the expectations of a projected mid-day three pick, but there’s a reason he’s projected to go in that spot.

If the Buccaneers take the chance on Grimes, he won’t be the type of player that could replace Chris Godwin should Godwin leave for big money in free agency next season. He would likely remain behind Tyler Johnson and Scotty Miller on the depth chart and make his biggest contributions on special teams.


Grimes is currently projected to max out as an early day three pick. Ian Cummings had this to say about his draft status;

“On early Day 3, teams that need size and athleticism at wide receiver can gain the most from adding Grimes. There’s always a need for dynamic ability and developmental upside. That said, teams like the Buccaneers, Lions, Seahawks, Texans, and Chargers might benefit most from his downfield skill set.”

Lance Zierlein of has him graded at a 5.56, meaning Grimes has “a chance to make end of roster or practice squad.”

A team willing to roll the dice and find a diamond in the rough - like the Bucs who are looking for depth and steals - could take a flier on Grimes on day three and hope that their coaching and development turns Grimes into one of the steals of the 2021 NFL Draft.


So what say you, Bucs fans? Is Grimes the kind of player that would help the Bucs and you would want to bring in on Draft weekend? Or are there better day three options out there that have a skill set more complimentary to what the Bucs should be looking for? Vote in our poll or comment below.


For Trevon Grimes, the Buccaneers should,,,

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    ...draft him at current projection (early-to-mid day three if available)
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    ...draft him early (late day two)
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  • 26%
    ...take a better player earlier in the draft
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    ...draft this position, but later than he is projected
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