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Reunion between Antonio Brown, Buccaneers seems unlikely

The Buccaneers and wide receiver are "not close" on terms of a contract.

NFL: Super Bowl LV-Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made an offer to wide receiver Antonio Brown. The issue, however, is that the two sides aren't close in terms of compensation.

On NFL Network's 'Good Morning Football,' Mike Garofalo said that there is a desire to bring AB back, but that the money isn't there;

“They want to bring him back, the Bucs do, just at a different number than he has in mind right now"

At this stage in the game, Brown has his offer from the Bucs. They took a chance and it paid off for both the team as well as Brown's ability to show he can perform without being a distraction. For Tampa Bay, Brown is more of a luxury than a necessity and it seems likely that they aren't going to put themselves in a situation where they will hurt themselves or the rest of the roster by tying guaranteed money up in a player that still carries off-field risk.

Brown is probably looking for more money guaranteed while the Bucs seem more like a team that offered another incentive-laden contract that can be easily voided should more problems arise.

Our own David Harrison wrote about this very thing and I tend to agree - put a deadline on it. He has his offer and if he doesn't want it, the Buccaneers can bring in someone like Larry Fitzgerald to be a sure-handed third down target. Not to mention, Tyler Johnson has plenty of untapped potential while the upcoming draft is absolutely loaded with wide receiver talent yet again.

The Bucs have options. The question is, does Antonio Brown? And if so, do they provide a better opportunity for success than the one he would have returning to Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, and the rest of the defending Super Bowl Champions?