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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Victory Parade Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

First stages of Mike Evans’ Lombardi Trophy tattoo completed

Tampa Bay’s all-time leading receiver has some new ink to commemorate the team’s Super Bowl LV victory.

In the waning moments of the BuccaneersSuper Bowl LV victory over the Chiefs last month, Mike Evans asked a couple of his teammates where he should get his commemorative Lombardi Trophy tattoo.

At the 36:25 mark of the Super Bowl LV mic’d up video released by the NFL, Ross Cockrell appears to suggest that Evans should get the tattoo somewhere on his neck. It doesn’t look like the three-time Pro Bowl receiver went with that suggestion, though. Thanks to an Instagram story from tattoo artist Gotti Flores, the world got its first glimpse of Evans’ new ink on Thursday:

The tattoo isn’t finished, but it already looks like impressive work. Of course, this is far from Evans’ first art, but it’s surely going to be a piece that’s special to him for the rest of his life. And there’s no doubt that the finished design is going to be phenomenal. Like the ink, Evans’ status as a Super Bowl champion is permanent. There’s no taking that away from him.

We’ve now seen a couple of Bucs get inked up with some sort of design that incorporates the Lombardi Trophy. Rookie safety Antoine Winfield Jr. shared his new tattoo late last month, and now we await a final look at Evans’ finished work. And who knows? Maybe there will be more commemorative Super Bowl tattoos to come down the line for these two.

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