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Buccaneers QB Tom Brady invites fans to play catch with him

Good guy Brady strikes again. This time, you and a friend might be able to benefit from his charitable efforts while also being charitable yourself.

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Super Bowl LV Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Thursday, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady took to Twitter to ask for some receiving help. While he may have had these thoughts for years in New England, this time, it isn’t about football.

For a little over 20 years, Brady has been a major supporter of Best Buddies International, an organization that dedicates themselves to ending the social isolation of individuals that suffer from intellectual disabilities.

Per the Best Buddies website, they are currently the largest organization in the world when it comes to empowering this population to build friendships, find successful work, improve communication skills, and much more.

While he is no stranger to aiding their fundraising efforts, this time, he’s doing so while also providing one individual and one of their friends an opportunity of a lifetime.

Here’s a look at what Brady himself had to say:

Not only do you get to catch passes from the best to ever do it, but you also get to sit down and share a meal, while also having the opportunity to try on some Super Bowl hardware. On top of all that, they’re going to provide the flight out there and the accommodations.

The best part about all of this? Even if you don’t win, the donations you provide will go towards helping a good cause. While contributing isn’t necessary to enter, more entries are provided based on the amount that you give.

If you’re interested in entering this contest, or just in supporting a good cause, you can find the website here.