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VIDEO: Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady talks about what motivates him to continue playing football

The future Hall of Famer discusses several topics around life and football.

NFL: FEB 07 Super Bowl LV - Chiefs v Buccaneers Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s no secret that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is one of the greatest to ever step on to a football field. And at 43 years old, many have wondered what can possibly keep this guy going. While Brady does take incredible care of his health to ensure he plays at an optimum level there is something else that gives him the motivation to play football.

And that is his love for the game.

Joining James Corden and Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton in a video series from watch company IWC Schaffhausen, both Brady and Hamilton spoke candidly about their careers. That is when the veteran quarterback talked about his love and passion for football that keeps him going.

“I think it’s a real love for what I’m doing,” Brady said. “This isn’t a job. It’s really a true love and I fell in love with what I’m doing a long time ago.

“Why take away one of the great loves of your life just arbitrarily to go do other things when maybe not the timing is right? I think the love for what I’m doing and the willingness to continue to learn and to improve is really what’s most enjoyable.”

It’s hard to imagine how a player like Brady can continue to improve and learn with all that he has accomplished. Nonetheless, that love that burns inside him allows for the drive to keep improving regardless of all the accolades.

Check out the video below in its entirety. You won’t regret it.