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Divisional Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Mike Evans continues to be Galveston’s hometown hero

The Bucs’ Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee gives back to hometown ahead of parade in his honor.

Win or lose, the Buccaneers have long been a positive pillar in the Tampa Bay community. The organization, its coaches and its players are always giving back and making an outstanding impact locally and beyond. And year after year, one of the leaders in that effort is veteran wide receiver Mike Evans.

Evans and his foundation—The Mike Evans Family Foundation—are constantly making a difference both in the Tampa Bay area and in the receiver’s hometown of Galveston, Texas. Just last year, they donated $100,000 for COVID-19 relief, with half going to United Way SunCoast and the other half going to efforts in Galveston. Now, they’re at it again. This time, it’s in the form of another $50,000 donation to the United Way of Galveston.

Lindsey White, the executive director of United Way of Galveston, said $37,500 of the donation will go to local families in Galveston that were impacted by the winter storms that devastated Texas last month. The remaining $12,500 will be distributed by the local Boys & Girls Club and St. Vincent’s House to help underserved children and families in the area.

Ever since he got to the NFL, Evans has been something of a hometown hero to Galveston. This donation is just another in a long line of them, and the 27-year-old’s efforts certainly aren’t going unappreciated. Just before the Super Bowl last month, the city recognized Feb. 3 as “Mike Evans Day,” citing how “immensely proud” it was of Evans and his commitment to the community.

The love for Evans didn’t end there, of course, as there will now be a parade this Friday (March 26) in his honor. The school district and city are working together to put on the event to recognize Evans, Ball High School’s newest Super Bowl champion. Casey Hampton, another Ball High alum and a two-time Super Bowl champion with the Steelers, is expected to be among those in attendance.

It has to feel quite rewarding for Evans to receive so much recognition for the influence he’s having in his hometown. The Bucs’ Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee certainly deserves it, and while this parade on Friday may not feature the same hijinks that the team’s Super Bowl parade did, it’s sure to be a special day.

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