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Buccaneers’ WR Mike Evans willing to restructure (again) to help bring players back

Consistently puts his team first.

Super Bowl LV Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Veteran wide receiver Mike Evans is willing to restructure is current contract so that the Buccaneers can free up space to bring some, if not all, of his teammates back that are due for new contracts.

This according to head coach Bruce Arians, via Peter King of NBC Sports.

Mike Evans is the most unselfish superstar I’ve ever met. He’s told us to use some of his money if we need to contracts to keep the team together!

On Monday when Arians and quarterback Tom Brady met with reporters, Tampa Bay’s head coach addressed the roster situation again, saying he was confident that the front office would make things work in order to retain most or all of the current roster.

Evans is no stranger to restructuring his contract as he has done it in the past to help the Bucs create cap room. It looks like Evans is wanting to take that same approach so that the team can do what they have to do so that they make another run at the Super Bowl in 2021.