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NFL: FEB 01 Super Bowl LV Preview

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Commissioner’s Corner Episode 16: Super Bowl LV Special Coverage

It’s our finale episode and we’re joined by Gene Thomas of the Buc What Ya Heard Podcast

We continue our Bucs Nation Podcast special coverage of Super Bowl LV with Episode 16 of the Commissioner’s Corner on Bucs Nation. We’ve been having a unique theme and guest every day this week taking a slightly different perspective each day as we approach the big game. We’ve now reached the finale for our Super Bowl coverage, and it’s been one heck of a ride.

Joining Jeff and I is Gene Thomas. He’s the host of the Buc What Ya Heard podcast on We have a lot of fun talking about Super Bowl LV. We do a little true/false, talk scenarios, and we give you a double dosage of “I Don’t Give a Buc!”

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Until next week fantasy owners, wave your flags high and “Fire the Cannons!”

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