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SB Nation Reacts Poll: Super Bowl LV MVP and the Buccaneers defense

Patrick Mahomes is a huge favorite.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are very passionate. You see that passion in the Bucs Nation comments, throughout the city, and throughout social media. They are very excited about their team and feel confident in their team’s chances for Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Earlier this week, we shared how most of SB Nation readers feel that the Chiefs will beat the Bucs on Sunday. Now, in the most recent poll, we have some interesting results from the latest SB Nation React poll.

Several questions were asked pertaining to the Super Bowl between Tampa Bay and Kansas City. Below are some of the most interesting responses to this week’s Reacts poll, where SB Nation NFL readers got their chance to vote on several topics for the big game.

For starters, many feel Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will win Super Bowl LV MVP honors by a huge margin over teammate Travis Kelce and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady.

In another poll, the Bucs are favored to record the fist sack of the Super Bowl. Although the margin is not much, Tampa Bay’s pass rush seems to be a slightly bigger favorite to get to Mahomes first than the Chiefs are to get to Brady.

And our third most interesting poll, asking which team will score last, it’s almost split where the Bucs got 51-percent of the votes over the Chiefs.

Now what does that mean, exactly? Do fans think Bucs will score last to win? Score last in a final attempt to cut it close but fall short? And how big of a margin will the Super Bowl MVP voting truly be?

All these questions will be answered by the professionals on the field after they kick things off Sunday at 6:30pm ET from Raymond James Stadium.