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Former Buccaneers corner talks about Brady’s greatness

Former Buccaneers corner and Brady teammate Aqib Talib sounded off on the uniqueness of what TB12 has done

Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Many Buccaneers fans hear the name Aqib Talib and the wince a little. Talib, no doubt one of the most talented players to ever come through Tampa Bay, was also a troublesome player during his tenure with the Bucs. He was shipped off to New England where he got his act together and would go on to win a Super Bowls, All-Pro accolades, and Pro Bowl honors.

On Wednesday, Talib was speaking to Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on The Pat McAfee Show on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio and he explained why Brady is so good and why he is so rare;

“To be a quarterback, you gotta be the most dedicated football player. You gotta be like a coach and player in one. You can’t go home, after work, and do what Lib (Talib) do. You can’t be like that. Your brain can’t handle that at quarterback. You got too much s--- to worry about. You gotta know too many jobs. You gotta be smart, confident -that’s a hard job to do.

That’s why I applaud Tom and Patrick Mahomes. The guys that handle it like that. Man... it’s hard to do.

When you talk about that, the games that matter - that’s the regular season. That’s what puts you at home. That’s what makes teams come to New England during the postseason so all them m------------ matter, right? That’s what makes him the GOAT. He operates like all them m----------- is the ‘Chip. That’s every day. That’s, ‘take this day off on Tuesday, then Wednesday be the first one in there - this isn’t just talk. He’s really the first one in there, the last one to leave. He mastered the game.

So any way you try to beat him on defense, he’s seen it before. He knows how he wants to attack it, how he wants to run against it, how he wants to throw against it. So, he just mastered the game, man. Like you said, he’s probably gonna go down as the greatest professional athlete because he’s the most professional.”

Talib spent two years with Brady in New England (2012-13) where they weren’t fortunate enough to win a Super Bowl, but they made it to two AFC Championships so Talib had a front row seat to the work put in and how seriously Brady took each and every game.

To watch the interview, check the tweet below. (WARNING: Contains adult language)