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Film Room: How the Buccaneers shut down the Chiefs

Sam Gold from FieldGulls breaks it all down.

NFL: Super Bowl LV-Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s Note: Many within the Bucs Nation community are still ranting and raving about the the Buccaneers 31-9 Super Bowl win over the Chiefs, and why not? To take a closer look at such a dominating performance, our friend Sam Gold from one of our SB Nation sister sites FieldGulls broke down Tampa Bay’s win and how they managed to earn their second Super Bowl title in franchise history. Here is Sam with his film room review.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs in the super bowl. They won this game 31-9. The story from this match was about the complete and utter domination of the Buccaneers defense. I’ll be perfectly honest with you that I really didn’t see this coming. I knew they were great and all but I figured we’d at least have a good back-and-forth game. Well, that obviously didn’t happen, and so for this video I wanted to look closely on how exactly the Bucs did this.

In this video, I focused on a few major themes: First, the four-man pass rush that the Buccaneers used for the vast majority of this game. It consistently worked against this offensive line. I also discussed how Andy Reid didn’t adjust and never moved away from a 5-man protection package to help Patrick Mahomes. I also discussed the coverages - two-high and one-high defenses - after tracking all the plays from the Super Bowl. Finally, I discussed play calls like the quick game, screen game, and running game that were used in this game.