Observations of the "THIS GAME KILLED ME" Bucs/No-Names 11/14/21 Disaster

1) So the mood for Buccaneers fans was high. Bucs were getting some key players back from injury. We were going in to defeat a Washington team that was 2-6 and touting the worst passing defense in the league (worse than ours). Brady was due for a big throwing game, predictions were 4-5 TDs and a total blowout.

1a) When the Bucs actually started the game with a false start penalty on OJ Howard, that should have been a warning sign...

1b) When that turned into a 3-and-out, and then Washington getting decent field position at their 40 to drive within field goal range for the 3-0 lead - the second time all season Washington HAD the early lead - and then WR Darden failed to hold onto a throw that turned into an INT... well that was about the point I died.

Review the gameday thread. You'll see it early on.

1c) Checking in every so often while writing my NaNo project, I saw the Bucs struggle with both yards and points: Washington was up 13-0 before the Bucs even got on the board with a field goal. Brady had five throwing yards (?!) in the First Quarter. Our offense basically did not exist.

Even when the Bucs clawed back to within a touchdown early in the Fourth Quarter, Ryan Succop missed the extra point that just basically confirmed this was not the Bucs' day. At all.


2) I've said it earlier in the loss vs. the Saints and the other close games before that: With Gronk out with injury at TE, Brady is missing his safety valve that helped open up the passing game and gave the team more scoring drives. At TE, Brate had only one catch in three targets (at least for a TD), but Howard has NO stats at all (did he go out with injury again?).

2a) With Antonio Brown out and Chris Godwin dinged up, Washington's bad secondary prolly figured to double team Mike Evans as much as possible, which would explain his meager numbers (2 catches out of 3 (!) targets, at least one of them for a TD). The other WRs called to step up - Tyler Johnson and Jaleon Darden - did not contribute much.

2b) Brady opened up his game with two interceptions, not touchdowns. Add to that the INTs he threw vs. New Orleans before the bye, and I see a troubling trend.

2c) And again, the Bucs fell behind so early that the offense did nothing to maintain a healthy run attack.

2d) Defensively, it hurt that Richard Sherman pulled out during the pre-game due to a calf injury, which depleted our secondary at the worst possible moment. Oddly enough, the defense performed well: they forced sacks, kept Washington out of the end zone in Red Zone situations more often than not, and forced a fumble. If only the Bucs offense played at the level expected of THEM...

3) The troubling thing is that Washington was supposed to be a winnable game: a team with a bad defense and a losing record and a journeyman QB. Yet they manhandled the Bucs early and ended up winning. Now all of a sudden the other "winnable" games for the Bucs no longer are. The Giants suddenly look threatening. The Colts look like they can beat us. Panthers are playing this afternoon and are up on the 8-1 Cardinals (!!!) with a 20-0 score and returning hero Cam Newton looks like he's *back*.

4) Statistics of the game: Red Zone offense. Bucs made only three visits all day and scored only one touchdown. You can't win games doing that. Washington made four visits and made two TDs.

4a) PENALTIES WILL KILL US: Bucs were flagged six times (not as bad as other games) but Washington snagged two first downs out of them.

4b) Bucs rushed only 13 times for 53 yards, while the No-Names rushed 34 times for 94 total yards. On average, the Bucs did better... but if we hadn't fallen behind so early, we might have run more and gained more...

5) In other NFL News: Only the Detroit Lions would break their winless season... with a tie game. I don't know whether their fan base should laugh or cry.

5a) If there's any good news for the Bucs, it's that they still have a one-game lead on New Orleans who lost today, and should have a one-game lead over Carolina even if they pull off the win tonight. Atlanta also lost big time to Dallas today.

5b) DAMMIT CLEVELAND BROWNS YOU HAD ONE JOB. The Patriots aren't supposed to be back like this so early. Damn damn damn. The Hooded One made another deal with Satan, didn't he...

5c) Buffalo rebounded from that embarrassing loss to Jacksonville, which is nice.

5d) Aaron Rodgers is back playing but I wonder if all that horse medication he was taking has affected his skills...

6) In professional college football news: It's now down to Georgia and Cincinnati as the top unbeatens... so of course the poll voters decide to make Alabama outrank Cincy. FFFFFFFFFFF-CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK YOU, AP voters.

6a) The University of Florida fan base was about to riot yesterday when Samford (no, not Sanford, FL) was LEADING their game 42-35 over the Gators at halftime, with that score the most points UF EVER gave up in a first half (never to Bama, never to Auburn, never to UGA, never to FSU or UM or even Western Kentucky). While UF came back to win the game, the whole experience was an embarrassment for the program, and one more nail in the coffin getting built for HC Mullen.

Just, for the LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT HIRE LANE "I Killed the Vols for an Entire Decade" Kiffin.

6b) The USF Bulls need to sue somebody to force more 4-star recruits to our program, because this is just terrible. We need a recruitment cap in college sports.


7) In professional hockey news, the Tampa Bay Lightning FINALLY won an overtime game over the now-scary-good Florida Panthers. I hope this means we can see more wins out of the Bolts.

7a) Anybody wanna spend some money to buy the Arizona Coyotes franchise and move it to a place where they could actually build good karma and win a few seasons...?

8) Next up: The Bucs return home to face a New York Giants team for a Monday Nighter. I wasn't dreading this game three weeks ago but NOW I AM...

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