Revealed! How the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lured Tom Brady

On day one of the free-agent transfer window – precisely noon on Monday, 16 March – The General Manager of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jason Licht sat in the comfort of his office at One Buc Place and put a call through to Don Yee, the agent of Tom Brady at exactly fifteen seconds after 12. Licht said, "I’m calling about Tom."

Don Yee replied via best online casino australia, "You made the right call, you really made a good decision to call me."

Tom’s agent went on to explain that his client, Tom Brady had been paying close focus on the Bucs as well as Arians. He stressed how much respect Tom Brady had for Arians – who had written a book back in 2017 titled The Quarterback Whisperer – and Don Yee noted that Tom Brady had been extremely impressed with the effort Arians had done with quarterbacks in the past. Brady had conducted research about Arians, watching a documentary on Arians, and he cherished how close Arians had been with all of his quarterbacks in the past.

Yee told Licht, "You’ve got a good nucleus of talent at Tampa, and it’s important that the head coach, general manager, ownership, and the quarterback have the same commitment to winning."

Licht drove to the home of Arians for a call with Tom Brady sometime in March, the first day the new league season opened. At about 10 seconds after 4:00 in the afternoon, Licht called Tom Brady just as free agency officially started.

"What’s up, babe?" Brady said as soon as he picked his phone. "Jason, this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun." Brady gushed about the Bucs’ superstar wide receivers, the way the Tampa Bay backline had played during the second half of 2019, and the way Arians had coaxed great campaigns out of so many quarterbacks during his entire career. At a point during the discussion, Brady said, "I think we’ve got something. We’ve got a chance to be very special." Tom Brady then told Licht why it would be a smart decision for the Bucs to acquire him.

After Brady said those words, Licht steered at Arians, who was sitting few meters away in his kitchen. Licht mouthed: "I think this is happening".

After 30 minutes of discussion with Brady, Licht handed the cell phone to Arians. Arians said. "If you come here, we will win the Super Bowl, you’re the missing ingredient. We’re a very talented team, but they just don’t know it."

Arians kept speaking, trying to pitch Tom Brady on the benefits of playing in Florida for the teams. "Hey, Florida’s great, it’s warm, no state taxes. And we do have receivers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, all these guys."

Tom Brady interrupted, and said, "Hey, I think Gronk might want to come out of retirement."

Arians replied, "Let’s get you signed up first, and then we’ll work on that one."

Eventually, Arians told Brady he’d speak with him soon and then handed the cell phone back to Licht. Licht said via online slots usa, "Hey, there’s one other thing here, it’s a small thing, but maybe a big thing. We have a No 12 on our team and he’s pretty good – Chris Godwin. What are you thinking about that?"

"Oh, he’s a great player," Brady replied. "I’m not going to take his number. I don’t care about that. Do you know what number I’m thinking of? I’m thinking of taking maybe No 7. Is that available?"

"It is," Licht said. "Why do you want that number?"

"I want that seventh ring," Brady said.

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