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What was the turning point of the 2020 season for the Buccaneers?

Which moment placed the Bucs on their path to Super Bowl LV?

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears
Bruce Arians marked the Bears matchup as the “best thing that could’ve happened to the Bucs” in 2020.
Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Licht was available to the media last Wednesday and as always, he spoke with candor and offered good insight into how 2020 has played out for the Bucs.

But one of his responses really stood out. He was asked how the Week 5 loss to Chicago changed the way the Bucs approached the season from that point on.

“That game was a game that, probably in my career here – and we’ve had a lot of bad losses – that one was one that really stung the most, I think,” Licht said. “Not only did we lose the way we lost with the penalties and things like that, we also lost Vita [Vea]. I was talking about this the other day with Bruce [Arians], actually. I said, ‘Gosh, that game still stings.’ He said, ‘That’s the best thing that happened to us. That game is the best thing that happened to us, looking back in retrospect.’ I think he’s right. We cleaned up our penalties, we were more disciplined and it just brought everybody together. It showed that we’re all human – everybody – and everybody needs to be held accountable. Everybody on the roster, everybody in the front office and everybody in the organization. It brought us closer together.”

Licht’s answer sparked a thought: What exactly was the turning point for the Bucs in 2020?

This is obviously subjective context, so I figured I would get multiple opinions on the matter. I was able to successfully reach out to some of the biggest names covering the Bucs and asked them at which moment did Tampa Bay get on its Super Bowl trajectory?

Barstool Sport’s Steven Cheah, The Athletic’s Greg Auman, Bucs Nation Managing Editor Gil Arcia, BucWhatYaHeard’s Gene Thomas, Locked On Bucs/Bucs Nation’s David Harrison and James Yarcho, and Real Bucs Talk’s Michael Pless all join me to dish their thoughts on when the 2020 season changed for good.

Check it out!

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