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Fresh gear for Buccaneers fans heading into the Super Bowl

Breaking T comes through for Bucs fans again.

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Breaking T has launched a Super Bowl themed shirt highlighting Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes. Check it out below and click HERE to get it TODAY!

Fresh off the Buccaneers 31-26 victory over the Green Bay Packers, Bucs fans can not only join in on excitement with their favorite beverages (DRINK RESPONSIBLY!), but they can start getting ready with some new merchandise from our friends over at Breaking T.

The designs feature one pertaining to their NFC Championship win with the words “Took The Tundra” on a dark gray (pewter) colored background. The other design which sits on a red background features the letters “TFB” which I’m sure many of you can figure out what that stands for. Both designs are available in tee shirts or in sweatshirts.

Below are some images for the merchandise with detail.

Head on over to Breaking T and pay our friends a visit and be one of the first with fresh Buccaneers gear and start getting yourselves ready for the big game!

Click here and get your shirts NOW!


Let’s add Leonard Fournette into the mix of merchandise. Click here for your “Playoff Lenny” gear!