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One last candidate to be the Buccaneers’ 2020 “Hidden Hero”’s Senior Writer and Editor drops the last - and maybe best - candidate

NFL: AUG 13 Buccaneers Training Camp Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Closing out catch-up week on the Locked On Bucs Podcast, James Yarcho and I were joined by Senior Writer and Editor, Scott Smith. On the episode we of course discussed the arrival of - soon to be official - Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette, and Smith made his nomination for which player might turn out to be the team’s “Hidden Hero” of the 2020 NFL Season.

We have to say, we might have very well saved the best candidate for last, as Smith nominated second-year wide receiver Scotty Miller.

“You guys have heard lots of positive stuff coming out of our camp about Scotty Miller. Justin Watson too - but especially Scotty Miller.”

Smith made the case that out of all the candidates in this week’s group, Miller is the only one who’s actually poised to take the biggest step forward in talent as well as attention. He projected a 600-700 yard season is in the cards for Miller, and added, “I think there are times when Tom Brady is going to be looking for Scotty Miller even when he’s got Mike Evans and Chris Godwin running around out there.”

Early on many looked at Scotty Miller as a potential Julian Edelman type of receiver for Brady, but this notion has largely been debunked by analysis and Miller’s own training camp usage.

“He might see some time in the slot, but Chris Godwin is our stud slot guy, and they’re not going to change that because he’s so good at it,” Smith said. “...Scotty Miller is a guy you can put on the outside with Godwin in the slot, and he can take the top off a defense, and sometimes that’s a decoy but sometimes he’s getting open deep.”

No surprise Smith made a strong case for his nominee. The team’s Senior Writer and Editor has been around the franchise longer than any of our previous guests, and quickly turned the disadvantage of being last in the chute into an advantage by dropping perhaps the most compelling candidate yet.

For his complete explanation, and all of the great insight Smith shared with us, check out today’s episode of the Locked On Bucs Podcast!