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Week 3 Second Half Open Thread: Buccaneers at Broncos

For the second straight week, the Bucs have dominated the first half.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Tom Brady and the Bucs offense seem to have found their rhythm.

The Buccaneers have scored off of three Brady touchdown passes — one to Chris Godwin and the other two to Mike Evans. The tight ends are helping in setting up scoring drives as Rob Gronkowski has led the way with four catches and O.J. Howard has added two, including a big 33-yard reception down the sideline.

Defensively, the Bucs have three sacks and have smothered Broncos quarterback Jeff Driskel and their offense. However, they did give up a touchdown right before halftime during their two-minute offense.

Tampa Bay heads into the locker room with a 23-10 lead.

Oh, and Bucs... more all-pewter uniforms the rest of this season, please.