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What’s better than Gronk and Brady bobbleheads on pirate ships? Nothing.

These are legit.

Our friends over at FOCO continue to make some pretty cool Buccaneers bobbleheads and their latest are no exceptions.

FOCO has just released two new bobbleheads of quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski on pirate ships, of course. Check them out below.

After releasing their initial Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski bobbleheads in Bucs gear several months back, it was only a matter of time before they created more. These latest bobbles of Brady and Gronk will surely become fan favorites. They are currently available for pre-order and will ship no later than December 12.

For the Gronk bobble, click here!

For the Brady bobble, click here!

FOCO had also announced a Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers Swing Vote Series Bobblehead we shared with you a couple weeks back. It features Brady at a podium holding up a football with the American flag on it with a banners on the podium and behind him saying “Brady 2020” donning the Bucs logo.

These are all pretty cool additions to the Buccaneers lineup from FOCO and all signs point to these being some hot items for the holiday season.