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An estimated 14,000 fans may be allowed to attend Bucs games, per report

Details are still being ironed out.

Gil Arcia-Bucs Nation

Many Buccaneers fans have been wondering how many of them will be allowed inside Raymond James Stadium for the 2020 season. As teams across the league have already begun making announcements regarding fan attendance during this COVID-19 pandemic, Tampa Bay has yet to put an exact number of how many will be allowed in.

We now have a possible projection.

According to the Tampa Sports Authority — via ABC Action News — they are still working out a plan for the amount of fans that can enter RJS for Bucs and Bulls games but add there is still some uncertainty.

The Tampa Sports Authority is estimating 14,000 fans inside the stadium for Bucs home games and 10,000 for USF Bulls football games.

Tampa Sports Authority’s Bobby Silvest released the following statement:

“This was a budget “projection” - with all the uncertainty during these unprecedented times, all we can do is make conservative estimates. We don’t know what capacity will be for Bucs or USF at this time.”

The Buccaneers have not made any official word on capacity for games more than likely due to the fact that budget planning is still being worked out by TSA.

But by the looks of it, the projection of 14,000 is just that, a projection. At the same time, it also sounds like there may be a possibility that the allowed attendance could be less.