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Gronk is still ‘more than ready’ despite the heat ‘kicking his ass’

Arians says the veteran tight end isn’t in Florida shape. At least not yet.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Living here in Tampa my whole life, I am all too familiar with the heat and humidity. I mean, I go outside and do some yard work and at 37 years old I feel like passing out sometimes after a good hour or so. And look, I enjoy the heck out of caring for my yard. The heat just straight up sucks more often than not.

But that’s not training camp practice. I’m not a guy who is conditioned to play the game of football while also enjoying it. So hearing that an athlete is not used to the heat and humidity the lovely state of Florida has to offer, you almost don’t feel too bad that you — an every day yardwork-loving kinda guy — gets lightheaded standing up after pulling a weed or two from time to time.

I digress.

Speaking to the media Monday following practice, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said tight end Rob Gronkowski is struggling a bit with adjusting to Florida’s climate.

“He’s probably in New England shape right now, but he’s not in Florida shape. The heat is kicking his ass pretty good,” Arians said as he laughed. “It’s different, man. When you train in New England and then come down here, it’s really different. We laughed about it out there today – I don’t think he’s ever sweat that much in his life. It takes a little time to get into the Florida shape, but as far as playing in a game, he’s more than ready right now.”

The most important thing here is that Gornkowski is a veteran and knows how to prepare. Like Arians said, Gronkowski will be more than ready come Week 1 so Tampa bay shouldn’t be concerned.

And no, I was not comparing yardwork to playing football for those of you that may be quick to comment.