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Randy Moss has concerns about Tom Brady as Buccaneers quarterback

Star receiver voices concerns on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’

NFL: Patriots Beat Dolphins 49-28 Photo by Bob Leverone/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

There has been plenty of excitement since Tom Brady left the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There has been plenty of angst or anxiety as well though. Many fans and analysts alike have wondered whether or not Brady can fit in to a Bruce Arians type offense. Recently, Randy Moss joined ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on ‘Get Up’ and voiced his own concerns about his former quarterback’s potential of success in Tampa.

“I’m concerned about Tom’s protection,” Moss said. “You know, they were unable to protect Jameis Winston for so long, and if you compare quarterbacks you know, Jameis and Tom are not mobile quarterbacks. So if they chouldn’t protect Jameis, how are they going to protect Tom Brady?”

In 2019, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers allowed Winston to be sacked 47 times ranking 11th among teams allowing the most sacks. Surprisingly enough however, the Bucs didn’t finish atop the NFC South in the category as both the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers quarterbacks were sacked more times than Winston.

Still, the concern is there. Winston may not be considered a ‘mobile quarterback’ as Moss states, but he’s a lot more mobile than Brady is or has ever been.

In five seasons, Winston has run the football 248 times and has amassed 1,044-yards in the process along with ten rushing touchdowns. Six of those scoring runs came in his rookie season in 2015.

Brady on the other hand, has 606 rushing attempts in his 285 career games played and has fewer rushing yards (1,037) and just a dozen more rushing scores to his name.

Most who have watched Winston closely over the course of his NFL career would argue he has underrated mobility, and at times perhaps failed to capitalize on this part of his skill set as much as he could have.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom from Moss however, who also said,

“They have a lot of upside, they got some guys on defense. But I think for me just looking at that offense as far as the passing game, Gronk having a year off, how will the chemistry between Tom Brady and Gronkowski - look - because if they can start out hot man there’s going to be some great things coming out of Tampa.”

Before wrapping up the segment, Greenberg asked the former Patriots teammate of Brady’s whether he felt the New England Patriots (with Cam Newton at the helm) or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a better outlook towards the Super Bowl in early 2021.

“Well, if you’re talking about the AFC you’ve got (Lamar) Jackson and (Patrick) Mahomes to compete with,” Moss said. “But I think for Brady in the NFC, the NFC is a little bit more wide open than the AFC. So I’d have to go with Tom Brady and the Bucs...”

Certainly some mixed feelings from Moss looking at his former quarterback’s transition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise. Sentiments many Bucs fans will relate to.

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