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The Crow’s Nest: Shaq’s deal, COVID-19 safety at Ray Jay, and a Madden rating

Web links on the Buccaneers and the NFL.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Raymond James Stadium Photo by John Babiak/Bucs Nation

Barrett not optimistic about long-term Bucs deal before deadline
Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass rusher Shaq Barrett doesn’t sound optimistic he’ll lock down a long-term deal before the franchise-tag deadline to get multi-year contracts done passes.

Bucs get $10.4 million for COVID-19 stadium safety upgrades
It’s unclear when or if there will be fans in Raymond James Stadium this fall. There will at least be a pile of their tax dollars.

A look at Tom Brady’s Madden rating then and now
The Madden NFL 21 rankings were just released, and new Bucs quarterback Tom Brady found himself as the fifth-highest ranked quarterback in the game with an overall rating of 90.

Give Me Five: ‘Surprise’ Predictions for the Bucs’ 2020 Season
As our ‘list with a twist’ series continues, Carmen Vitali is tasked with impressing Buccaneer fans with a list of realistic but previously unvoiced predictions for the upcoming season.

“I’m All On Board”
So how will the Buccaneers locker room react to Donovan Smith’s very public declaration that he has no interest in being “a lab rat” for the NFL?

Brian Flores: ‘Hard to say’ if Tua Tagovailoa will be ready to start
The Miami Dolphins showed confidence in Tua Tagovailoa’s surgically repaired hip by making him the No. 5 overall pick in the 2020 draft. Not having an offseason program, however, could throw the plan for the quarterback’s rookie season into flux.

Squatters have trademarked almost every Washington NFL nickname option.
The man who has snapped up the rights to dozens of potential Washington team names insists he no longer is hoping for a payday.

NFLPA seeks opt-out clauses for at-risk players, conditional stipends, source says
The NFL and NFL Players Association continue to negotiate terms for a return to work, and players are requesting financial backing in case they decide to sit out the season.