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Tom Brady featured in ‘Born of a Dream: A boy from San Mateo’

Much more than a watch commercial featuring Tom Brady

Photo Courtesy Of: IWC Schaffhausen

On the surface you could say “Born of a Dream: A boy from San Mateo” is a really elaborate watch commercial. You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, per se. You would however, be missing the re-telling of the story of current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and New England Patriots great, Tom Brady.

If you’re an NFL fan you’ve already heard it. Scrawny kid who struggled to really take the reigns at Michigan, then became a sixth-round NFL Draft pick, on his way to becoming the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Just like it was scripted.

The script of the production made by IWC Schaffhausen, featuring Brady, is a familiar one. The execution is different though, and I have to admit, it’s a lot better than I expected going into it.

What you see in the short film lasting just more than four minutes, is a glimpse into the young Brady’s journey from child to struggling collegiate quarterback, to NFL star. It’s a quick trip, four minutes isn’t very long. But in those minutes you get a fresh glimpse into what makes Brady such a legendary story.

The ending is what will get Bucs fans excited. The rest of it is what will make Patriots fans proud.

At the end, it’s much more than a watch commercial. It’s a story of determination, passion, persistence, and success. You can see the full video at the IWC site dedicated to the short film, or on Brady’s own Instagram account.