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Rob Gronkowski, Bucs help replace Tampa Bay high school’s football gear destroyed by fire

The Bucs and their new tight end are coming to the rescue.

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Rob Gronkowski is already making an impact in Tampa Bay.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since a May fire destroyed nearly all of Blake High School’s football equipment, there had been a lot of questions about how—and if—it could be replaced before practices began ahead of the 2020 season.

The program was in need of a miracle. Fortunately, one appeared in the form of the Buccaneers and their new tight end, Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk announced Tuesday via the Bucs’ Twitter account that The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and the Bucs are going to replace all of the Yellow Jackets’ equipment.

It is estimated that around $15,000 in equipment was lost in the fire. Some items—such as a homemade stencil for the team’s logo—were even considered irreplaceable.

But with Gronk and the Bucs’ donation, the team now has plenty to look forward to, including no more worries about missing out on the 2020 season as long as everything COVID-related stays the course that the sports world is currently on.

The Bucs knew they brought in one of the NFL’s top playmakers when they signed Gronk, and now the community is figuring it out, too.