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Jamal Adams to the Buccaneers? Not likely.

A reunion with Todd Bowles sounds good, but is unlikely, in Tampa.

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets (and potentially future Tampa Bay Buccaneers) safety Jamal Adams sent social media spinning once again. This time, he did it via Instagram when he posted, “It’s time to move on. Let it go. Appreciate you guys. No hard feelings, Nothin but luv”

There are reports he’s requested a trade from the New York Jets who still hold his rights for the next two years, and potentially even a third if they really want to. And then there’s the list.

Now, at first, this was just an interesting development. Adams being at odds with the Jets organization is nothing new, so not a lot of shock and awe here. I was honestly a little bit surprised the Buccaneers weren’t on the list tho-oh-wait...

Well, now this is a little bit more interesting. Of course, this isn’t the first time the Bucs have been tied to a potentially available - albeit surrounded by drama - player, this week. Granted the other one, wide receiver Josh Gordon, was brought up by yours truly. Still, Tampa continues to be a place NFL players are being talked about as potential landing spots for guys with talent, in search of success.

Plenty of comments on my Josh Gordon speculation brought up the salary cap situation facing Jason Licht and the Bucs. I’ll tell you what a wise man once told me: Don’t worry about the salary cap.

These guys are paid millions to manage the cap, and Tampa Bay has a couple of the best steering the financial ship.

Still though, it’s hard to see this trade happening. For one, the Jets are going to want a King’s ransom to make it happen. Adams may want out, but again, New York controls his future for at least the next three years if they choose to hold on to him.

They’ll be in no rush, and while the Bucs would certainly like to add a talent like Adams, I believe they like what they have in the safety room, and won’t cut off their own nose to get him.

I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time. For now however, until there’s real smoke, the Jamal Adams to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade talks will probably have to stay in the Madden realm.

Of course, there’s also those who have their own ideas of how this could work, like friend of the site Steven Beck.