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Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski ready to ‘fight any time, any place’ to keep WWE 24/7 Championship

In a promo on WWE’s Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw, Gronkowski took aim at 35-time 24/7 champion R-Truth.

Think about the following statements and how odd they would’ve sounded even six months ago.

The legendary Rob Gronkowski is back in the NFL after a year in retirement.

OK, that’s not too odd. Let’s keep going.

Gronkowski came out of retirement so that he could play for the Buccaneers, who had already signed Tom Brady.

All right, now we’ve already gotten weird. But we’re not done.

Gronk, a member of the Buccaneers alongside Brady, is now the longest-reigning WWE 24/7 champion ever. Granted, the championship only came into existence in 2019, but still.

Yeah, this is all pretty weird. If you’re one of those “lol wrestling is fake” people, I’d advise you to stop reading right now. But if you’re open to reading about the dumb fun that is the WWE 24/7 Championship, welcome.

Before returning to the NFL and getting traded to Tampa Bay, Gronkowski won the company’s 24/7 title back at Wrestlemania 36 on April 5. And he still has it. For an explanation of what literally any of this means, feel free to click here.

So, nowadays, R-Truth, a 35-time 24/7 champion himself, has vowed to “get his baby back.” Back on May 10, Truth said he was going to sack Tom Brady and get his championship back. Of course, Truth is always confused, so he had everything mixed up, thinking that the G.O.A.T. had his title. Not to worry, though, as he was caught up by last night’s Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw. He now knows to target Gronkowski, not Brady. And while he thinks Gronk only has the championship because he beat Brady for it, at least he has the right person.

Vince McMahon’s famed “sports entertainment,” everyone.

Anyway, Gronkowski made an appearance on Monday Night Raw after R-Truth called him out. He shot back at Truth, even using his various names for the championship. For your viewing (or reading) pleasure, here’s what the Tampa Bay tight end had to say in his promo:

“Now, I’m a nice guy, so I’m just gonna make sure you’ve got all the intel you need during your quest. I am Gronk, WrestleMania 36 host with most, and reigning 24/7 champion. I know you have a lot of memories with this title and you fought hard for it, but that’s in the past, Truth. 24/7 Gronk is the present and the future. Sixteen years of playing football and growing up with four brothers have prepared me to fight any time and any place. So, this 24/7, 7/11, I-95 South, W-9, whole nine yards championship stays with me, brother. Take this as a warning, R-Truth. I will see you coming because I got eyes on the back of my head.”

Gronk being Gronk. I really can’t wait to see how this plays out, y’all.


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