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Bucs themed face coverings now available through Fanatics

Great way for Bucs fans to cover up and feel safe.

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Face masks have been hard to come by during this COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like once stores put them out on the shelves for sale, they’re gone at the snap of a finger. However, if you have been looking for some and are a Buccaneers fan, you’re in luck.

Courtesy of Fanatics, you can get your very own officially licensed Buccaneers inspired face coverings. As you can see in the item link below, you get a three-pack with a different design on each and the material is machine washable — allowing them to be fully reusable.

Head on over to the link below and order your Bucs face coverings today!

NOTE: The NFL and FOCO will support the CDC Foundation by donating all NFL proceeds from the sale of these licensed face coverings. The face coverings will ship no later than July 9.