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Cameron Brate talks Brady on SiriusXM NFL Radio

Cameron Brate offers his thoughts and early experiences with Brady and Gronkowski.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Buccaneers tight end Cameron Brate hopped on SiriusXM NFL Radio and talked about Tom Brady’s arrival, Rob Gronkowski and even gave a hint that Ryan Griffin potentially authoring a book. We’ve got some highlights from the interview and a short link to the clip below.

Cameron Brate on his reaction to Tom Brady being announced as a Buccaneer:

“I kind of looked up to Tom my whole career. I went to school out in Boston and I was able to watch a bunch of Patriot games when I was up there. I always admired his work ethic and kind of the way he took care of his body and the way he prepared for games.”

Brate mentions how he was following the rumors along from the beginning and didn’t actually think that they [The Buccaneers] would get him [Brady].

Brate on when the team officially got Brady:

“I was floored, I was thrilled when we were able to lure him to Tampa and I think it’s going to be a really great season for us.”

When asked if the team is changing some things in the offense for Brady or is he just going to run BA’s offense, Brate deferred that he doesn’t quite know yet but that’s he’s sure Brady and the offensive coaches will get together and work those things out. Brate noted that when talking with each other, they’ve been deferring to using the Bucs terminology to get Brady acclimated.

The crew asked Brate on what it was like in the first get together with Brady as well.

Brate: “It was pretty normal, he seemed down to earth, good guy and good teammate.

Brate went on to say how it’s a bit weird teaching in reverse to get Brady use to their verbiage. Brate expects things to change as the season gets here where he’ll take the reins and start teaching them.

When asked on how he has been preparing for the season, Brate had a very candid response. “I don’t have access to any equipment right now. I called our equipment guy but the building is shutdown. I’m not exactly sure how Tom got his stuff...”

Brate mentioned getting to speak with Rob Gronkowski as well and that Gronk definitely appears to be exactly who you see on t.v. and he looks forward to competing and working together with all the tight ends.

One thing was certain in this short interview with Brate and that’s the excitement that seems to surround the arrival of Tom Brady. That wasn’t to slight anything that the teams former quarterback had going for him.

Brate mentioned that it was tough for Jameis Winston with how things ended but that Jameis was a great teammate and he always liked working with Jameis for how fun he made things.

For a short clip of the interview, see below.