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Buccaneers Tweets of the Week: 3/27-4/2

Looking back at some of the best from the Buccaneers on Twitter over the last seven days.

Most of us are well into this “stay at home” thing at this point, except for those who didn’t want to listen and be proactive about the whole thing, instead waiting for it to be officially mandated by the government... But I digress. While there are no live sports to enjoy at the moment, there’s plenty to take in from the sports world on Twitter. And that includes content from your beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So, in an effort to recap some of the best from the last seven days, we have this weekly feature, which will highlight positivity—which we could all use more of—and fun from the Bucs on Twitter. These tweets can be from the team’s official account, players, legends, coaches or just about anybody related to the Bucs.

So, let’s get on with it. Here’s some of the best from March 27 through April 2:

Flashing back to the glory days and putting things in perspective

Throwback Thursdays, Flashback Fridays and the like are always good for a bit of fun. This one, from Hall of Famer and Bucs legend Derrick Brooks, certainly is. It also puts things in perspective when you think about it. The careers of Brooks and Tom Brady have quite a bit of overlap, yet the former retired in 2008 and the latter is still going in 2020. Twelve years after No. 55 retired, TB12 is starting a new chapter of his career. That really speaks to Brady’s longevity in a major way. And who knows, by the end of his time in Tampa, maybe we’ll look at that picture as featuring not only two Hall of Famers but also two Bucs legends. Wouldn’t that be something?

A nice ‘thank you’ message from Bucs quarterback Tom Brady

This is a tough time we’re all living in right now, considering our day-to-day lives have been completely disrupted for an indefinite amount of time. But it’s also a time for many of us to realize how blessed we are and give our heartfelt thanks to those working on the front lines to fight this virus—the doctors, nurses, EMTs, all of them. So, this message of thanks from a figure like Tom Brady is fantastic, as is his direction to everyone to STAY HOME and stay strong. We can all make a difference in this thing. Do the smart thing and stay in, and reach out to anyone you know who may be dealing with some anxiety as a result of all that’s going on. We can all be there for each other and get through this thing. Be kind to one another.

Celebrating a national holiday is always a good time!

Last Saturday was March 28, or 3/28. Flipped around, that’s 28/3... or 28-3. The Atlanta Falcons once blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl and we should never forget that. So, of course, Bucs Nation had to celebrate 3-28 with a little fun. Tom Brady, who engineered the Patriots’ comeback in that game, celebrated the occasion himself this past weekend by watching the game. And now, we’ll get to see Brady play Atlanta twice a year as a member of the Bucs.

Chris Godwin comes to the defense of former teammate Jameis Winston

As the Bucs transition from Jameis Winston to Tom Brady, there are understandably going to be some mixed emotions. If you’re feeling bittersweet about it, just imagine what the guys on the roster are dealing with. Chris Godwin is one of those guys. As a wide receiver and competitor, getting the chance to play with the greatest of all time has to be exciting. But he spent his first three NFL seasons with Winston and got to know him well, obviously. The two are friends. So, seeing Winston let go and continuously criticized in the media surely isn’t easy for Godwin, and he spoke up about it in an interview this week. He really spoke a lot of truth, too, on the sometimes-unfair blame his former quarterback gets. For anyone who likes Winston (myself included), it’s pretty cool to see Godwin go out of his way to stick up for his boy .

Some fun for the kids during this stay-at-home time (with no uniform hints)

If you’re looking for something to keep your little one occupied this weekend, maybe print these Bucs coloring pages out! Heck, I may print one out to color myself. Sure, I wish Tom Brady and Mike Evans were wearing actual Bucs jerseys in these (and it would be a bonus if they were the new ones), but I’m sure the kids will still get plenty of enjoyment out of these colorable cartoons of two of team’s top guys.

A happy work anniversary to Casey Phillips!

If you follow the Bucs on social media or have been to a game of theirs in the last five years, you know who Casey Phillips is. She does a fantastic job with the Bucs Beat series, the Casey’s Vlog videos, and legitimately everything else she’s tasked with. She also does some in-game hosting for the team at Raymond James Stadium. And this week, she celebrated five years with the organization! Join us all at Bucs Nation in wishing Casey a happy work anniversary and many more great years with the team.

File this tweet under “sounds we could all get used to”

Look, I know this caused somewhat of a stir with some folks on Twitter. But I thought this was an outstanding piece of content from the Bucs, as they mashed up some of Brady’s highlights—with audio from his games against Tampa Bay so they could get Gene Deckerhoff’s legendary voice on the call—with highlights from Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard. It was a preview of what we’ll get to see and hear for the next couple of years with Brady in Tampa. Plus, I’m always a sucker for highlights with Deckerhoff’s voice dubbed over them.

The jersey number is just about the only thing Chris Godwin is changing

Ever since Tom Brady signed with the Bucs, a lot of time has been spent talking about how he was going to get the No. 12 from Chris Godwin. After a couple of weeks, it became official when reported it on Tuesday that Brady will wear No. 12, while Godwin switches to No. 14. Some were surprised that Godwin straight-up gave Brady the number, as those number swaps usually involve some kind of deal. But really, Godwin saying he’d give the number up out of respect for who Brady is and what he’s done in his career really shouldn’t come as a surprise. That’s Chris Godwin to a tee.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady makes a nice gesture to his receiver anyway, but we’ll see. This tweet from Tampa Bay’s new No. 14 was classy, as it showed his attitude toward the whole thing is a great one. The No. 12 is important to him, but winning and producing on the field means more.

FINALLY a uniform reveal date... It won’t be long now...

FINALLY. There’s not a ton to say here, as we’ve known for a while now that the Bucs were getting updated uniforms in 2020. But now, we finally have a date. We’re just a few days away from seeing the new look (officially, anyway, as there have been some rumored leaks and mockups online). It’s unfortunate that there won’t be a big unveiling event as planned, but it’ll still be cool to see those Tom Brady No. 12 Bucs jerseys for the first time.

Mike Evans brings us a bold take on April Fools’ Day (but it wasn’t a joke )

Mike Evans is known to be a massive fan of the Harry Potter series. He even has a Harry Potter-themed tattoo. But he brought us this bold take on Wednesday, which upset A LOT of people. The tweet essentially went viral. As of this writing, it has over 11,000 retweets, 75,000 likes and 3,000 replies. I don’t have an argument myself, as I love the series too. But when you make this type of statement, you’re asking for Star Wars and Marvel fans to come at you with some venom.

Some positive messages from some of the Bucs themselves

The Buccaneers’ official Twitter account pulled together some clips from several players this week to send an encouraging message to the fans. Again, this is a tough time we’re in, but we can all pull through it by sticking together. Being kind to one another certainly won’t hurt matters, either.

Tom Brady promotes a wonderful cause with Feeding America

Let’s end on something great, shall we? What a fantastic initiative this is, and if you’re Feeding America, there are certainly worse endorsements to have. Tom Brady has over 1 million followers on Twitter, so you know his message is getting out there. At a time like this, it’s great to see athletes and celebrities give their resources to help out. It’s absolutely worth celebrating. Cheers, Tom. Thanks for supporting such an important cause!

If you think I missed any great Bucs tweets this week, feel free to find me on Twitter @BaileyJAdams22! Let’s have a great weekend, everybody.

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