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The Brady Bunch? No, The Brady Bucs

Latest from Smack Apparel is pretty cool.

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Narrator: We interrupt your regularly scheduled NFL Draft programming to bring you the following...

Hey, Bucs fans.

Don’t be shy.

Keep adding to your latest Tom Brady collection. You can do that by picking up one of the shirts from Smack Apparel below!

The latest shirt design by our friends over at Smack features a logo similar to the 70’s show ‘The Brady Bunch’ mashed up to the colors and look of the Buccaneers with silhouettes of Brady himself, wide receiver Mike Evans, tight end Rob Gronkowski, and head coach Bruce Arians.

And Raymond James Stadium at the bottom, the sight of Super Bowl LV.

Be sure to purchase your shirt by clicking right HERE or HERE.

Narrator: back to the draft.