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Licht says focus is on other areas, not Brown

Bucs general manager shares his reasoning behind not being interested in the troubled receiver.

NFL: SEP 24 Steelers at Buccaneers Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Wide receiver Antonio Brown was thought of potentially landing with the Buccaneers after the signing of quarterback Tom Brady. But head coach Bruce Arians quickly put that to rest (here).

General Manager Jason Licht was on ESPN Monday and shared his reasons why the team won’t be looking at Brown’s direction.

“Right now there is only so much money that can go around,” Licht said when directly asked about Brown. “There are no plans to sign any other receiver at this time. Bruce knows him better than all of us. Right now, I will say we are focused on other areas of our team.”

Kudos to Licht and the organization for staying where they are. If they truly feel they are in win-now mode, there is no need in bringing in a guy like Brown and mess things up in and out of Tampa Bay’s locker room.

h/t Joe Bucs Fan