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2020 NFL Draft Prospect Q&A: Trevis Gipson

Gipson is a talented edge rusher who has a bright future ahead of him.

NCAA Football: Tulsa at Southern Methodist Timothy Flores-USA TODAY Sports

Tulsa edge rusher Trevis Gipson used an outstanding senior year to help boost his draft stock. This past season, Gipson had 49 total tackles, eight sacks, and two forced fumbles. He was named to the All-American Athletic Conference.

As a junior, Gipson had similar numbers. He finished his junior season with 46 total tackles, five forced fumbles, and four sacks. The five forced fumbles were ranked second in the nation. However, Gipson did not earn any post-season honors.

Following this past season, Gipson was invited to the Reese’s Senior Bowl. During the game, he had two tackles with one being a sack. Throughout the week, Gipson showed well for himself and impressed quite a few teams in Birmingham.

Due to a hamstring injury, Gipson was unable to show much at the NFL Combine. The only thing that he tested at the combine was bench press. Gipson did 25 reps on the bench press test.

After not being able to showcase all of his skills at the combine, Gipson took advantage of the opportunity at Tulsa’s pro day. At his pro day, Gipson ran a 4.69 40-yard dash which is impressive for an edge rusher.

Gipson is currently projected as a 5th round pick. With the Bucs placing the franchise tag on Shaq Barrett and re-signing Jason Pierre-Paul to a two-year deal, an edge rusher is not something that is needed right away. If the Bucs could wait until day three and draft Gipson, it would be a great pickup. Gipson has the ability to be a starting edge rusher in the NFL in the future.

I spoke with Gipson on Sunday about his college career and thoughts heading into the draft.

Q: What would it mean to you if the Buccaneers selected you in the NFL Draft? What kind of player would they be getting?

A: “It would mean quite a bit to me. All I know for sure is that whatever team does decide to pick me up, they will get 110% out of me. I’m determined and I love the game of football. My game shows my relentlessness and also my passion.”

Q: How’d you feel about your performance at the NFL Combine?

A: “I felt like I did okay on the bench press. Considering I did everything else at my pro day, as far as the bench overall, I think I competed well.“

Q: Your performance at the Reese’s Senior Bowl impressed quite a few teams. How’d you feel that you performed?

A: “I feel like I performed good. It definitely could’ve been better but that’s just my personal standards. I played nose tackle, tackle, and defensive end, so i feel like that showed my versatility which is a good thing. I think I also showed that I can set the edge well.”

Q: What do you think your greatest strength is heading into the NFL Draft?

A: “Being level headed and humble while being open to new learning. Some people may think they already know all there is to football, but that’s not me.”

Q: How did the coaching staff at Tulsa help you develop as a player during your time there?

A: “They pushed me to be the best player I can be. They also molded me into being a great leader and that has overall helped me in life today on and off the field.”

Q: In your senior and junior year combined, you had a total of seven forced fumbles. In 2018, you ranked second in the nation with five. Why do you think that stat is so successful for you?

A: “I feel like that stat is important because that gives the offense more opportunities to score the ball and with the help of the defense that’s a good thing. I also think my relentlessness and passion for the game helps me be successful in that stat.”

Q: What was your favorite moment during your career at Tulsa?

A: “Upsetting SMU last year to hold them from being bowl eligible. It was a great feeling because they beat us the year before.”

Q: In your career at Tulsa, who do you think the best offensive tackle that you lined up against was?

A: “One of the tackles from Navy in my opinion. Their scheme was very different. I don’t necessarily remember his name.”

Q: During your meetings at the NFL Combine, were there any odd questions you were asked?

A: “No, not that I can remember.”

Q: Do you pattern your game after any current or former players?

A: “I try to pattern my game after Von Miller, he can stop the run well but also play the pass tremendously. I attended his pass rush summit this past summer and it was a great experience.”