Super Bowl Contenders with Brady

Hi Bucs fans, long time Patriots fan here, and believer in how special Tom Brady is.

I wanted to introduce myself, and bring my perspective to you, because I can't wait to see Brady play on this team.

I believe with the talent the Bucs already have, and the HC, the Bucs have vaulted into the top 5 teams in the NFC.

And I am being that conservative only because it is a new team and new system, and that will be compounded by the challenging times we are currently in due to the virus.

If you are wondering how and why Brady is now a Buc, I direct you to the video below.

Why Brady Left ( )

There was once a time when I believed the Patriots were successful because of the system, because of coaching and because it was a well balanced team and certainly all those things helped.

Indeed, I would say they won their first Super Bowl and their Last more because of the Defense than anything Brady did, other than be clutch when he needed to, and not make the mistakes that killed their chances in those Super Bowls.

But the other 4 they won was because of Brady, he carried some pretty poor Defensive play against the Panthers and the Falcons in particular.

Brady is his best, when the game is on the line, and its do or die. No one thrives in that situation better than him.

They didn't always pull it out, but look back at the loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl... or to the loss to the Eagles, Brady gave his team a chance to win, they were never out of those games, no matter how poorly the Defense played.

Brady carried sub-par teams all the way to the AFCCG time and again. He almost defeated a stacked Colts team, in Indy, in an AFCCG against Manning, with Reche Caldwell as his primary target... Reche Caldwell, look him up, that is all Brady had to throw to that year, and they made it to the AFCCG.

Heck last year, they were the team with the worst WRs in the NFL, worst at getting separation, worst at drops, and the TEs were worse. 39 year old Watson was the best of the bunch by far, and he came out of retirement to play.

There is no way to overstate how horrible that Offense was last year. Starting Center... gone before the season even started. Starting LT... gone after week one, and didn't return until the very end. Their FB who was critical to their run attack, gone. Gronk who was critical to every faze of their Offense, blocking, running and passing, gone.

They were the least talented Offense in the NFL... and Brady dragged them into the playoffs, and almost to a BYE in the playoffs, if their Defense hadn't collapsed in the final game against the Dolphins.

Brady is better than Brees, he is better than anyone in the NFC South. If you have good TEs, he will make them great. If you have great WRs, he will make them legendary.

The only thing needed is an O-line that can keep Defenses off of him for 2.7 seconds. If the Bucs can put together a blocking crew that can do that for him... the Bucs should be in the Super Bowl in 2020.

And that is not an exaggeration of a fan boy. The man is that good, and he has been proving it over and over since he was winning for Michigan. In the two seasons Brady started at Michigan, he won the Citrus Bowl (1999) and the Orange Bowl (2000). Its what the man does.

Clutch Like No Other ( )

Can't wait to see him play for TB... and since I am only a couple hours away, I'll be there watch as much of what will be one heck of a season in person.

If you are a Bucs fan, and don't really know Brady, you have no idea how awesome this season could be... might be the greatest season of football you'll ever watch in your lifetime.

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