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The Jolly Roger: What would acquiring Tom Brady mean for the Bucs?

A featured piece on Bucs Nation where we look at some interesting topics surrounding the Buccaneers.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots Championship Parade
Tom Brady hoists the Lombardi Trophy during the Super Bowl LIII championship parade.
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Many say he is the greatest to ever play the game. Yet, he may very well be looking for a new team as soon as Noon E.T. rolls around Monday and teams come calling.

For that man often labeled the G.O.A.T., it’s hard to fathom seeing Tom Brady in a different uniform. Since the early stages of the 2020 NFL offseason, he has been tied to and rumored to be on top of the Buccaneers list when it comes to being Tampa Bay’s next signal caller. It would be a welcomed sight for a team who has struggled to put a respectable product on the field. Not to mention, how the new (old) jerseys would look like with him dropping back and throwing it down the field.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

As of Sunday, it’s reportedly believed that Brady will have just two teams to choose from: his current team in the New England Patriots and your beloved Bucs.

Is it true? Are the Buccaneers really players (and one of only two reportedly) in the Brady sweepstakes?

It seems to be very true, and the process for Brady will be quick. Tom Curran on NBC Sports says that Brady will be deciding quickly, and won’t be sad about moving on from the team he won six Super Bowls with if it came down to it.

Sources have told me that, if Brady hits free agency, a drawn-out process of deciding where he will play is unlikely. I’ve also been told that, rather than being melancholy about the prospective end of his time in New England, Brady’s at peace and looking forward to the possibilities in front of him.

So what would a Brady and Buccaneers marriage mean? Well, sales, for one. Ticket sales will see a huge increase. Despite those that are in disagreement with Brady coming to Tampa Bay, there are many more who would love to see the future Hall of Famer slinging the football around at Raymond James Stadium. Not to mention, those jerseys that were previously mentioned will sell like hot cakes with his name on it.

The second thing would be that opposing defenses would immediately have to respect the Buccaneers passing game. Let me say that again: OPPOSING DEFENSES WOULD IMMEDIATELY HAVE TO RESPECT THE BUCCANEERS PASSING GAME. When was the last time that was said? I’ll wait... This would allow for the playbook to open up as well. Who knows, the running game may become a threat, too.

NFL: OCT 05 Patriots at Buccaneers Photo by Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Third, turnovers would be few and far between. Heading into 2019, Tom Brady had 1.8% of his snaps where there were turnover-worthy plays since 2016, according to Pro Football Focus. That figure was the second lowest. And since 2010, Brady has thrown less than 10 interceptions seven times — including last season where he threw only eight.

Lastly, Brady can most likely bring success to Tampa Bay. Quarterback Jameis Winston could have been that guy. But too many costly mistakes put the team in position to lose. Yes, he brought the team back and put them in position to win, too, where the defense failed him and the team. However, Brady’s mistake-free style will put the Bucs in position to win despite how the defense plays.

This all sounds fantastic. But if it were to happen, how long will it last for?

There is just too much smoke to not believe in some way that Brady won’t be donning pewter colors in 2020, maybe even 2021. But that’s just it, maybe two years. Head coach Bruce Arians isn’t going to be coaching much longer. Brady isn’t going to be playing much longer, either. So would it be worth it to essentially rent success for such a short period of time and then go right back to mediocrity?

It’s just the unfortunate trend of the Buccaneers. And they are the only ones who can truly decide if the quick and brief success Brady can bring will mean a whole lot to them because they’d have to quickly turn around and ask “what now”.