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Batten Down the Hatches: News from around the NFC South for 3/13/2020

Allen signs extension, Saints left dry in comp pick release and Mack announced as treasurer.

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

With the corona virus being the talk of the country and derailing an entire league, sorry NBA fans, there’s no question that football news would take a step back. That hasn’t only rang true as far as reporting goes, it also extended into what was ultimately a weak stretch in noteworthy news around the division.

None the less, let’s take a look around the NFC South and see what’s going on.

New Orleans Saints

While the Saints will surely have some interesting news come time for free agency, right now things are stale and they stayed that way while other teams were securing comp picks. The Buccaneers got one for losing Kwon Alexander to the 49ers last off-season and for the Saints, they got the expected news that there would be no comp pick at all for New Orleans. Some trivia courtesy of Canal Street Chronicles, the Saints since the comp pick was introduced in 1994, have only had 10 comp picks assigned which is fewest in the entire league.

Carolina Panthers

While fans wait and see what will happen with Cam Newton, Kyle Allen received a one year extension. Allen was set to be an exclusive rights free agent this off-season. Being the deal is just for a year, this should not hinder any further decisions on Cam Newton’s future in Carolina.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons big news last week was cutting and then resigning one of their own. This week it’s the announcement that Alex Mack, the teams center, has been named the NFLPA’s new treasurer. The NFLPA Board of Player Representatives elected Mack to the position on Tuesday.

That about does it for this week in Batten Down the Hatches. What was the biggest bit of news around the NFC South this week in your eyes? Let us know in the comment section.