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Reported first look at Bucs ‘new’ uniforms

The team will go back in time.

Rendering of uniforms, via Uni Watch.

New, old, whatever. The Buccaneers made it official some time ago that they would be ditching their current look and head in a different direction, but a familiar one.

Via Uni Watch, the Bucs will be going to their throwback uniforms, as in going to their Super Bowl era uniforms permanently. Below are the two renderings of what the site provided as they stated in their write up that they were not allowed to take pictures of what they saw.

They noted that the logos on the sleeves will be the current ship logo and the oversized logo on the helmet remains. However, gone is the chrome on the facemasks, the orange lining on the numbers, as well as the beloved alarm clock font numbers (sarcasm).

Also worth noting here is that they stated the team took a “turn back the clock” approach like the Cleveland Browns. This is something that Bucs Nation had previously reported here, exactly one month ago. This allowed for them to basically make their “throwback” look permanent while making alterations to it and not have to overhaul their image.

We’ll see if all this holds. But for now, rejoice in this glory, Bucs fans.