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Arians “thinks” unis will resemble the Super Bowl era

We’re getting more and more details each time. Sort of.

NFL: DEC 01 Buccaneers at Jaguars Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Buccaneers keep dropping teasers all over social media. The ownership group has spoken on how they will unveil the new threads.

Now, head coach Bruce Arians wanted in on some of the teasing action.

Appearing on PFT Live with Mike Florio and Chris Simms, Tampa Bay’s head coach started the interview by jokingly saying he was “pissed” that no one asked him about the new uniforms. If Arians isn’t pulling anyone’s leg here, he said has seen a sketch of what they will look like and “thinks” they will look like the ones the Bucs wore during the Super Bowl era.

All that in just the first minute of the video posted below.

It seems like the Bucs are taking a page out of the Cleveland Browns book here for 2020 uniform changes, if this is all true.

As I previously reported here, the Falcons and Rams are getting an overhaul for this season while Cleveland was joining in on the fun with going to their “throwback look” full time.

With two teams allowed to have a completely different look each year, Browns and Bucs are essentially “reverting back” to a previous uniform.

Cleveland going to their more traditional look of old, Tampa Bay going with the ones they wore from 1997-2013. Both making tweaks/alterations to those uniforms along the way.

Of course, all that is if everything we have gathered to this point is true. But if it is, this falls in line with the NFL allowing for what would be considered an alteration and not a complete overhaul.

So, not a new uniform. Rather bringing back the ones that brought them success.