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Bucs post a teaser video for... something

Is there really a change on the horizon?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

There is no denying the Buccaneers social media account are savages. They are one of the best at hyping up the fans and making some of the coolest and most creative videos of any NFL team.

But their latest is truly a work of “art.”

In the video below, a spray paint artist tears up pieces of newspaper headlines like “Uniform Effort” and “A Bold New Era” to glue onto a wall with the Bucs pirate ship logo over them. Then he spray paints the ship in red, pewter, and orange. Check it out.

Just yesterday I posted info that I recently received about the team possibly getting new uniforms where I unanimously was told there wasn’t anything to share. We all know the Glazers like to hold things close to their chests. While one source said “not anytime soon,” I said to interpret that how you wish.

So is the video posted today that time?

NFL rules call for a team to let the league know of any potential changes to uniform designs a year in advance. The Falcons let the league know two years ago of their plans, while Rams and Browns had announced last season they’ve been working with the league on their plans for some time, too. Atlanta and Los Angeles are both receiving an overhaul on their look while Cleveland is said to just be going back to their old ways — perhaps just electing to go throwback full time.

The league claims they allow for about two teams to make complete overhauls to their look, which makes sense since two of the three are getting that privilege. Cleveland, as it was explained, is allowed to go in on that change since they are just using an alternate (throwback) as their permanent look — if that is in fact the case.

What does this mean then for Tampa Bay if there is a change? Perhaps an alteration to the current look which doesn’t fall in the overhaul category. An alteration like an all-white helmet could be in the works since NFL rules do not allow for them to go throwback because of their helmet being pewter. They can only wear one helmet per season.

There can be a number of other things like maybe changing the number font many don’t like, getting rid of the pewter shoulders of the jerseys, etc. Any alteration like those could be a major shift in fan approval.

Regardless of what the change can be, we’ll have to find out soon. The league needs to get flag, banners, shirts, hats, jerseys, among other things ready for the draft and that takes time. Which is ticking.