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Put the uniform talk to rest

Seriously. Let’s move on.

NFL: International Series-London Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are still a lot of folks out there clamoring for new uniforms. Some even have stated that their “sources” are confirming there will be new ones.

I hope you’re not holding your breath.

The league office did not confirm the Buccaneers will be getting new jerseys, look, color scheme, or logo anytime soon. While “anytime soon” can mean any timeline of your choice depending on how you want to interpret it, it can be very safe to say that it’s not happening in 2020. Unless this is some CIA-style coverup on releasing info then the Bucs will be wearing what they have been since 2014.

The Browns, Rams, and Falcons are the teams getting new looks this season. A league that typically allows about two teams to have drastic changes to their uniforms in a season, Falcons and Rams are reported to have a big transformation while the Browns are simply going back to their old ways (whatever that may be).

So for those of you looking for change, sorry. The good thing is that you may see more of the color rush used this season which is more wildly accepted anyhow. At least there’s that.