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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

More Buccaneers quarterback odds... This time, regarding Jameis Winston

Is Jameis Winston on his way out of Tampa? See what Vegas thinks...

Is anyone actually having fun trying to guess what the Buccaneers will do at the quarterback position this offseason? It’s getting tiresome, no? Considering there’s probably still a full month until we find anything out one way or the other, people will continue grasping at straws in hopes of figuring something out and Twitter will continue to be a miserable place to be.

With that said, each time new odds come out about the Bucs’ quarterback job, they’re worth mentioning. We’ve written here about Tampa Bay having the fifth-best odds to land Tom Brady, per The Action Network. We’ve also written about the team having the best odds to sign Philip Rivers, according to

Well, now we have more odds that line up well with those for Rivers. has odds regarding whether or not Jameis Winston will start for the Bucs in Week 1 of the 2020 season. Right now, things look like this:

No -200 (1/2)

Yes +150 (3/2)

Those are pretty high odds that point to Winston playing elsewhere this fall. And sure, odds aren’t everything, but Vegas must know at least a little something. Tampa Bay hasn’t indicated its feelings in either direction—at least not publicly. So, who really knows?

We’ll find out the team’s plans within the next month and a half—hopefully—and then we can finally move on from all of this.

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