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SB Nation Reacts: Buccaneers fans confidence back up ahead of Monday night matchup against the Rams

But will the team disappoint them after another shot at primetime?

Los Angeles Chargers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are feeling good about the team again after defeating the Carolina Panthers in dominating fashion,

Despite Tampa Bay playing host to a very good Los Angeles Rams team on Monday Night Football, 100-percent of Bucs fans are confident in the team this week according to the latest SB Nation Reacts poll.

That’s a good sign.

Nationally, the Buccaneers were picked to beat the Rams by NFL fans across SB Nation.

The rest of the NFC South fans and the percentage of those confident in their respective teams as they entered Week 11 were as follows:

Saints - 86%
Falcons - 63%
Panthers - 85%

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