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Bruce Arians on Antonio Brown: ‘He’s been a model citizen’

Tampa Bay’s head coach says they don’t expect any issues from the veteran receiver.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It was quickly known the Buccaneers organization was already aware of the damage caused by wide receiver Antonio Brown before signing him. Damage on many levels, and most recently just last month where he damaged security equipment in his gated community down in Hollywood, Florida.

While Tampa Bay released a statement regarding the matter, the NFL seems to be wanting to investigate the situation further.

Regardless, head coach Bruce Arians feels Brown will be fine moving forward under his watch. Speaking on Sirius XM Radio with Tom Pelissero and Bill Polian, Arians expressed no concerns with his veteran receiver.

“We knew of the incident. He’s been a model citizen,” Arians said. “If and when he’s not, we’ll move on. He knows that. Our team knows that. I don’t really think we’re going to have any problems. We haven’t had any so far and I really would not anticipate any.”

Arians optimism doesn’t necessarily tie in with the same approach the league may have. Considering the NFL rulebook says a team has to also report the issue, Brown was not on a team when his latest incident occurred.

However, if the league views it still as a violation — even if it’s just from Brown’s side — his tenure in pewter would be short-lived and perhaps also end his career.