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Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers: Five Bold Predictions

The Bucs look to have a bounce back game in Week 10.

NFL: SEP 20 Panthers at Buccaneers Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bucs Nation staff looks to place some bold predictions in a game the Buccaneers essentially “need” after getting destroys last week against the Saints.

In Week 10, Tampa Bay faces another divisional foe in the Panthers in Charlotte. How bold do the guys get this week? Check out their predictions below.

Bailey: Last Sunday was a disaster for the Bucs as a team, and Tom Brady was no exception. He had his worst game of the season and one of the worst of his career. But you can bet that it won’t happen again, especially not this week. Brady throws for four touchdowns against Carolina, with two of them going to Antonio Brown.

David: Against the New Orleans Saints the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t get their run game stopped, because they never tried to get it going in the first place. They say you can’t win unless you play, well I guess you can’t say the Saints stopped your running backs if you just don’t use them. This week will be different. Not only will the Bucs use their running backs, they may even experience a bit of an over correction which will surely drive fans just as crazy as not using it at all did. Because of this, Ronald Jones II and Leonard Fournette will combine for at least twenty carries and 150-yards rushing in Week 10 against the Carolina Panthers.

Evan: I’m going all-out this week (or all-in? Whatever). The Bucs need a big game, so I’m giving them a big target to hit. Look for the Bucs to pull off the 4 for 4 for 4 special this week. That means four total Buccaneers touchdowns will be scored, and the Bucs will record four sacks and four turnovers on Sunday.

James: I said it on the Locked On Bucs Podcast that this week gives me strong "Aaron Rodgers post Bucs game" vibes. The Buccaneers were embarrassed, out played, out coached, and flat out dominated by the Saints and coming off two rough weeks in a row, I believe they're is a mission to get back on track. That said, my bold prediction is the Tom Brady will throw for over 250 yards, have three touchdowns, no turnovers, and will be sacked zero times en route to a big - and much needed - Buccaneers victory.

Jason: The other guys have all the bashing from the Bucs loss last week well taken care of. So no need to dwell on that. I’m sticking with the opp matchup theme, as I did in this week’s Commissioner’s Corner. The Panthers are currently ranked 28th against opposing running backs. As David eluded to, the Bucs have to find a way to get the ground game back in action. The Bucs will increase their red zone percentage, and they’ll find a way to get “RoFo” (stealing Evan’s term for Ronald Jones and Fournette) in the end zone this week.

Editor’s Pick by Gil Arcia: James said it best. Last week’s game was an embarrassment and there is no way Brady has another game, consecutively, where he poops the bed. But I like Bailey’s prediction this week. Brady goes off, and A.B. scores twice. Ballsy, Bailey. Ballsy.


Which bold prediction do you like for Week 10?

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  • 28%
    Brady goes off, AB scores twice.
    (50 votes)
  • 16%
    Bucs’ backs run all over Carolina.
    (30 votes)
  • 46%
    Brady returns to form.
    (82 votes)
  • 8%
    "RoFo" scores twice.
    (15 votes)
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