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Yarcho’s Pick Six: Wild Week Five in the NFL

Madness ensued across the NFL - and we were here for it

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Buccaneers lost to the Bears in week five, but that was way back on Thursday. Plenty more happened through the NFL that is worth talking about.

Much like the Friday edition, this won’t be a full Pick Six but rather a modified one - but we’re picking six nonetheless.

Let’s get it.

Six Topics Suitable For Conversation

1.) Dak Prescott. Look, I’m no Cowboys fan. Like, not even a little. But seeing what happened to Dak Prescott on SUnday against the Giants was brutal. Prescott is a good guy, on and off the field, and despite the Cowboys’ 1-3 record heading into the game he was playing at a record breaking level. This is why players hate playing on the franchise tag. Though, Prescott did turn down a multi-year deal to try and maximize next free agency - and he was well on his way. Wish him nothing but the best.

2.) The mighty fall. Tom Brady wasn’t the only quarterback who suffered his first loss against an NFL franchise in week five. Yes, Brady was 4-0 against the Bears all time before Thursday night. Joining him is now Patrick Mahomes who was undefeated against the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders until the Raiders pulled off the thrilling shootout 40-32. Kansas CIty has looked less than dominant the last few weeks. They may not be the juggernaut we all thought they were.

3.) Get your act together, people. The Tennessee Titans have been the poster children of what NOT to do during the 2020 season when it comes to COVID protocols. Following behind them are the New England Patriots. Their game against the Denver Broncos for week five was postponed. We saw the Titans/Steelers match-up be postponed but that had little effect on the league. It simply caused the Ravens to shift their bye week and *poof* - problem solved. The Patriots’ game, howeverm has sent shockwaves through the NFL schedule. Because of that one postponement, seven different games have been rescheduled. If teams keep this up, we’re looking at the season being in jeopardy. Use this as a cautionary tale, NFL teams - keep screwing up and screwing around and this is what happens. Figure it out.

4.) Michael Thomas is a great human. Michael Thomas was declared inactive for Monday night’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers for punching a teammate in practice. Allegedly, Thomas was getting upset with the style of coverage being played against him in practice. Malcolm Jenkins then took the opportunty to call him “Slant King” and Thomas eventually blew a gasket and began punching Chauncy Gardner-Johnson - who was wearing his helmet at the time.

5.) Cleveland Browns? What? I’m not sure what’s more shocking - the fact that the Chicago Bears are 4-1 or that the Cleveland Browns are 4-1. The Browns absolutely dismantled the Indianapolis Colts and have won four games in a row. I mean, I thought the Baker Mayfield hype saw its peak last year but if he keeps this up, the Mayfield Hype Train will fly right off the tracks.

6.) Alex Smith should be everyone’s favorite player. What an incredible comeback story for Smith. For those that saw the E:60 on his injury, you know what a fight he had on his hands. He should have never been able to set foot on an NFL field again. Hell, he’s lucky to still have both feet given that his leg was nearly amputated. But this is the stuff movies are made out of. Alex Smith took over for an injured Kyle Allen on Sunday against the Rams and although Washington didn’t win the game, what an amazing moment for Alex Smith.

Six Numbers To Consider

5 - Losses by the Atlanta Falcons

1 - Number of teams (out of 441) to lose a game after scoring 39+ points with zero turnovers (The Atlanta Falcons)

.378 - Falcons’ winning percentage since 2018

23 - Falcons’ offensive ranking in 2020

2 - People fired by the Falcons on Sunday - HC Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff

2 - Former Buccaneers head coaches in line to be named interim - OC Dirk Koetter and DC Raheem Morris

Six Super Bowl Bets

1.) Green Bay Packers - Still undefeated, number one offense, faving the Bucs this week

2.) Kansas City Chiefs - Down, but not out

3.) Baltimore Ravens - Week in, week out this is a tough football team

4.) Seattle Seahawks - Let. Russ. Cook.

5.) Pittsburgh Steelers - This team is serious - and ridiculously talented

8.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - A win Sunday goes a long way

Six Final Words

Best Of Luck To The Rays