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Week 5 NFL Sunday Open Thread

Share your thoughts and feels for today’s games.

NFL: OCT 08 Buccaneers at Bears
“Pssst, hey Tom. Sorry to tell you my dude, but that was fourth down...” “Mike, I know. I was just trying to see if the refs were paying attention since they haven’t been all game.”
Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hey, the Buccaneers aren’t playing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch football and enjoy each other’s company in the comments below! What game(s) are you glued to following today?

Odds for Sunday’s games via CBS Sports:

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (-2.5, 54)
Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-11, 54.5)
Los Angeles Rams at Washington (+7.5, 46)
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans (-5.5, 54.5)
Arizona Cardinals at New York Jets (+7, 47.5)
Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers (-7, 44)
Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (-11.5, 50.5)
Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers (-7.5, 51)
Denver Broncos at New England Patriots (moved to Week 6)
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (-7.5, 52.5)
Indianapolis Colts at Cleveland Browns (-1, 48)
Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks (-6.5, 56)
Los Angeles Chargers at New Orleans Saints (-8, 50)
Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans (off the board)

Also, why don’t we have some fun with the the photo above with a caption contest? I started it with the caption below the image. I just couldn’t resist. The one with the most REC’s will get...

...a virtual high five!