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Peter King thinks Tom Brady and the Bucs can be a thing

Crazy talk. Or is it?

NFL: New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the Bucs should do at quarterback. Whether it’s that they should bring back Jameis Winston, sign Phillip Rivers, draft one, etc., all this talk just validates the fact no one knows anything as to where the Buccaneers are going to do.

Enter Peter King of NBC Sports for the latest.

King, who is obviously well plugged in to NFL circles, is hearing what we kind of already know and shared it when appearing on WEEI. Winston and his camp is asking for more than what the Bucs are willing to pay. However, being that WEEI is a radio station based on Boston sports, King was asked about Tom Brady’s future and well, he had this to say:

“The one that I believe is the sleeping giant in this is Tampa Bay,” King said. ”And when I say that, if Jameis Winston is realistic with what his contract demands/requests, whatever are, in my opinion he will be the quarterback of the Bucs next year. But, I don’t know that. I am hearing some things out of Tampa that he might be, and his agents might want a little bit more money than the Bucs want to pay. And we’ll see if that pans out. We’ll definitely see.

“Hey, look, everybody can say, ‘No, not that team. No, not this team.’ But, we’re talking about Tom Brady and we’re talking about a guy who obviously once he comes to your team does so much for it, including sells tickets like no other person in this free agent market is going to be. So, I guess I look at it and say when I think of Tampa Bay and Tom Brady, it makes as much sense to me as any of these other teams out here with the possible exception of the Chargers.”

This will certainly get some nerds excited. King also mentioned that a guy like Brady would think it would be cool to play for an offensive mind like Bruce Arians. Not to mention, having weapons like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin would probably be fun, too.

I don’t know. I mean, it looks on paper like it would be a cool thing to see. A future Hall of Famer in pewter trying to get Tampa Bay back to winning some football games.

But how long will it last? And what about the running game? The offensive line? Not to mention, the position will probably have to be reset soon and so the quarterback cycle would start all over again.

We’ll see.