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Bucs Trying To Gain An Edge Thanks To Suh

Can the former Ram give the Bucs some tips and tricks for this Sunday’s match-up?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Having a player on your team that came from an upcoming opponent is, at times, helpful. They can help give insight to tendencies, tells, and inside information. For the Buccaneers, that will come in the form of Ndamukong Suh against their week four opponent, the Los Angeles Rams.

When talking about what insights Suh has provided, head coach Bruce Arians told the media it wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but every little bit helps;

“They’re really not that complicated – they’re just really good. Individuals – he just talked to the offensive linemen about the guys and he’s talked to the defensive linemen about the offensive players that he knows, so yeah, that always helps a little bit.

Yeah, just what moves beat a guy. [He’s] gone against all those offensive linemen, so that adds to it [and] helps a little bit. As far as the scheme – no. That’s not going to help any.”

The Bucs have their work cut out for them as the Rams are now 3-0 and Jared Goff is much better at home than on the road.

The secondary gave up over 330 yards and two touchdowns in the air to rookie Daniel Jones last week - and that was without Saquon Barkley for much of the game. This week, they’ll be facing a much more difficult receiving corps in L.A. that includes Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Brandin Cooks. On top of that, the defense will still have to contend with Todd Gurley.

Any edge or information that Suh can help provide for the game plan is crucial as the Bucs set out on a six game, seven week road trip starting this Sunday.