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SB Nation FanPulse: Fans’ confidence in the team up again

What a difference a week makes.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation’s FanPulse is a great way to see the ups and downs of emotions fans go through each week.

After dropping the opener of the 2019 season and leaving Carolina with a win against the Panthers last Thursday night, Buccaneers fans are back to feeling confident in the team.

In the graph above, the confidence level from the fans reached 67-percent entering Week 1. It dropped to a 17-percent confidence rating heading into Week 2 but it’s now back up to 65-percent.

That’s what happens when your team wins.

It’s not all good around the NFC South, though, as Saints fans might as well pack it in for the season. They have no confidence in their team after the injury to Drew Brees.


And as for the rest of the league, the national poll asked who would be the first coach to be fired in 2019. The answer below may surprise some.

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