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Bruce Arians pleased with Friday’s bounce back practice

Mental errors will not be tolerated as regular season approaches

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Training Camp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of training camp, it is only natural for teams to have a few practices that aren’t up to the standard of their head coach.

Following Thursday nights practice, Bruce Arians was disappointed with the team’s performance and said it was the worst practice that they have had throughout the entire off season.

Heading into Friday, it was interesting to see how the Buccaneers would respond to not only a bad performance, but also to the head coach calling them out a bit, especially the wide receivers.

It seems as if the players responded, as Bruce Arians saw the night and day difference between the two practices.

“They said it themselves. I really didn’t have to say much in the meeting. Put the sheet up and there’s 64 mental errors, we’ve never had more than 32, you know? A lot of penalties, a lot of grabbing, so it was just not being ready to go after that day off. And we learned from it, so we bounced back tonight,”Arians said. “I’m really anxious to see eight o’clock in the morning after the day off next week and see how go then, see if we learned our lesson.”

Arians seemed to understand that bad practices happen during the summer months, but one thing he will not tolerate will be numerous mental errors adding up during the week leading up to Sunday’s.

“During the week of the game if there’s four up there I’m pissed,” Arians said.

Too many times over the past few years we have seen the mental errors add up on Sundays and that often results in 21-plus point deficits at halftime.

This team might not be a Super Bowl contender, heck, they may not even be a playoff contender, but one thing we can count on, is them being fully prepared mentally for games on Sunday afternoons.