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Buccaneers vs. Browns open thread for preseason Week 3

Live updates from the Bucs and Browns matchup.

Photo by Gil Arcia-Bucs Nation

Tampa Bay is hosting Cleveland at Raymond James Stadium for their third game of the preseason and the big topic for Friday’s game is how much playing time the Buccaneers starters will get.

It will be interesting to see how head coach Bruce Arians handles the players tonight, especially the first team. The Buccaneers have many unanswered questions at several positions, especially along the offensive line and this is usually the week where you get a decent feel for certain guys. Unlike last week, the weather seems to not be that big of a factor, so we’ll have to wait and see how Arians plays this.

Below you can find frequent updates from all media types covering the game. And as always, enjoy each others company in the comments section!